Academy and Music Festival of Tequila.

From 12th to 21st of August 2016.

Tequila, Jalisco, México.


For educational institutions interested in grant agreements, contact tel. 01 (55) 5523 3093 or

This reservation form should be filled only by people who want to participate as public or accompanying festival programs and have access to the following discount packages.

Fill the form with your information to attend as public to book your hotel and meal packages. In case you also want to attend to the Academy as student, please fill out the option “Yes” in the section "Want to attend the academy?" so you can register for the master classes.

For educational institutions interested in grant agreements, contact tel. 01 (55) 5523 3093 or email

(Listeners do not need to fill this item)

The camera assemblies preformed wishing to participate in the festival applicants must also send your registration form to the lectures, their repertoire and a video of his execution.

All applicants are informed that acceptance to the course will be for preselection so will be informed within three business days if they are accepted to the master classes. Once accepted will be sent the information to make your payment before August 1 as the deadline

Note: Selecting options double or triple low shared rate, you agree to share a room with one or two people of the same sex. If you want the room to yourself, you have to cover the full rate.

After booking your place, we will contact you shortly to confirm your reservation, the amount payable and registration details to the Academy. If you have any questions or want to verify any information, please send an email to:

Once you have your confirmed reservation and total to pay, make your payment via bank transfer
, cash or check deposit to this account:

For international movements:

For national movements:

More information:
Communicate with Sofia Gomez tel. 01 (55) 5523 3093 or the mail:

The tequila, more than any other drink, has become a symbol of Mexico and emblem of our identity and multicultural richness: born in pre-conquest times and transformed with the arrival of the Spaniards in the beverage of our land. Its history is linked inescapably to the history of Mexico and certainly synonymous with Mexican flavor has conquered the world: today the tequila has transcended our borders becoming one of the most popular drinks on an international level.